Press Release - Launching the world largest open banking app store

Written by Banq

The Open Banking Tracker is launching, an app store covering the various use cases made possible by open banking and the companies implementing them.

Open Banking App Store

ANTWERP, July 1, 2021 -- Banq a Belgian RegTech startup part of Apideck dedicated to tracking the transformation of the financial services industry since the implementation of the PSD2 and Open Banking regulations requiring the liberation of account-level data from banking service providers, announces the launch of their newest, app store,, as part of the Open Banking Tracker.

The Open Banking Tracker is an ongoing project to build the world’s most comprehensive repository of PSD2 compliant banks, Third-Party Providers, and API Aggregators. The Tracker currently tracks 100 data points on over 2,880 challenger and incumbent banks across 89 countries and is the largest publicly available TPP registry in the industry.

“Over the last two years, there has been massive growth in the fintech ecosystem, with companies entering the space to offer innovative solutions to old problems. Banq realized that a missing piece of the open banking puzzle was a centralized app store showcasing how this technology creates value and unlocks new customer experiences,” says Gertjan De Wilde, CEO, and Co-Founder at Apideck.

Together with Plaid, equensWorldline, Salt Edge, and Ibanity, Banq collected various use cases across the open banking ecosystem. Listing use cases from account aggregation apps to smarter credit scores and even adding a gambling block to your bank account.

At the time of the launch, there are 120 listings of various open banking use cases already listed in the app store, and Banq invites any company that leverages the technology to contact them to get added to the app store.

In addition to the app store, a market map has been developed to map the open banking use cases in real-time.

In the upcoming months, Banq will be releasing additional market maps like Challenger Banks and the Banking Stack covering the fast-growing technologies used by Fintechs and banks.

For more information, visit the Open Banking Tracker blog

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